UCF delivers on CM’s mission to platform a new generation of political leaders in Sri Lanka.

We are linked ideologically and on purpose; however, we will operate as separate entities going forward.

We are a Sri Lankan movement for a better Sri Lankan future. We rely on funding from Sri Lankans both here and overseas.

We DO NOT accept funds from any politicians or political parties.

We also DO NOT accept funds from any individual or business that does not align with our values and principles.

The established political parties have had 74 years to prove their authentic commitment to the people and their competence to bring about national transformation. They have failed, and we cannot afford to place our trust in them. We hope they have learnt from their failures in the past and will do better in the future. We wish them well for the sake of the country.

We refuse to risk the prime of our lives and potentially lose our credibility by vouching for their future efforts.

However, when we see authentic initiatives for positive transformative change, we will wholeheartedly support the efforts of any political party.

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